Welcome to the official Bruce Bickford homepage, created for Bruce Bickford, with his co-operation.

Latest News
  • April 2008
    • Latest News! Prometheus' Garden NOW ON DVD!. For the first time in 20 years, it's available to the consumer, YOU!. Buy it from the Brett Ingram site to help insure the maximum amount of income possible goes straight to Bruce!
  • October 2006
    • Bruce is featured in a new exhibit at The American Visionary Art Musuem in Balitmore, MD. It opens October 6th, and will run for a year. There are three 3D clay scenes in the show and they are looping Prometheus Garden on the wall.
  • April 2006
    • The Monster Road Documentary is now available on DVD. The DVD includes six deleted scenes from the documentary, four previously unreleased Bruce Bickford animations, and the Monster Road trailer. Order it today!
  • February 2006
    • Bruce will be in person at the The Maryland Film Festival, Monday, February 20 at 7:30 p.m.
    • Bruce will also be hosting a screening of Prometheus Garden at The Whole Gallery: 405 W.Franklin ST (3rd Floor), Baltimore MD 21201 on Thursday, February 23rd. There will be 2 screenings @ 8 and 9pm...doors at 7pm. Bruce will do a Q&A afterwards.
  • December 2005
    • For those who have not yet heard, George Bickford passed away in his sleep on October 9, 2005. He was ninety years old and had battled Alzheimer's disease for more than a decade. Mr. Bickford was an ingenious builder, an accomplished architect, and a brilliant aerospace engineer. He was also a true original. George Bickford will be sorely missed.
    • Frank Zappa, The Dub Room Special (video clip preview) is now available on DVD, featuring the amazing clay animation of Bruce Bickford (circa 1974).
    • February 2006 will see Monster Road on DVD! The DVD will feature a load of extras, including deleted scenes and previously unreleased Bruce Bickford animation clips.
  • August 2005
    • Video Clips are now available online for Bruce's new projects. There is one of his clay work, and one of his line drawings. These are mastered by Greg McClellan, who mastered the upcoming DVDs.
    • A Mailing List has now been setup. We won't be sending out much mail, but we will be using it to let you know when the DVDs are available for purchase.
  • June 2005
    • Monster Road (the award winning documentary about Bruce) aired on the Sundance Channel, on June 20th.
  • April 2005
    • Michel Anderson. We'd also like to thank Michel Anderson for the pictures of Bruce on this website. You can find his email address on our links page.
    • Online Video. We're in the process of adding some small Quicktime(tm) videos to the website. Hopefully by the end of April.
    • DVDs of Bruce's work! We are in discussions with a couple of people in the hopes of getting a DVD of Prometheus's Garden released as well as some of his new work. An email sign up will be coming soon, so people can be notified when new products are announced.
    • Monster Road (the award winning documentary about Bruce) is going to premiere on the Sundance Channel on June 20th.
    • We've signed up with Amazon as an affilate. If you follow the link to "Baby Snakes" on DVD to Amazon and buy anything, Bruce will see a small portion of that sale (5% of new items).
  • March 2005
    • The official homepage for Bruce Bickford has launched!
    • Check out the links on the left hand side of the page for information about Bruce and pictures of works in progress.
    • We have lots in store for the upcoming months. There are plans for a DVD being worked out, and maybe some auctions of rare, never before seen merchandise.
  • Splash Page
    Yes, the image you saw if you typed in the domain name is by Bruce, and was designed for the website. If you didn't see it, click on the logo in the upperhand left corner of the site.
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